Prepare Enhanced Local Adaptation Plans for
Action (LAPA)

Rupantaran Nepal prepared Enhanced Local Adaptation Plans for Action (LAPA) for Adaptation for Smallholder of Hilly Areas (ASHA) programme funded by IFAD and implemented by Ministry of Forest and Environment (MOFE) from August, 2018 to March, 2019. The assignments were located in Rolpa and Rukum (West Rukum and East Rukum) Districts. West Rukum lies in Karnali Province whereas East Rukum and Rolpa lies in Province no. 5 of Nepal,

The main aim of the assignments were to prepare Local Adaptation Plan for Actions (LAPAs) by applying GIS–based sub watershed management approach and the participatory scenario development (PSD) tool in line with National LAPA framework. Specifically

  • To raise awareness of communities and stakeholders on climate change, its impacts and initiations undertaken at local, national and international level.
  • To assess demographic, socio-economic gender relations and trends.
  • To carryout vulnerability and adaptation assessment and prioritize adaptation options in targeted Wards of project districts.
  • To ensure concerns and issues identified by the sub-watershed based planning are addressed during LAPA preparation
  • To document Enhanced LAPAs of targeted Wards ensuring the alignment of LAPA with the NAPA and ASHA’s Enhance LAPA manual
  • To coordinate with stakeholders in an effective and participatory manner especially with the PCU, DPCU and local level concerned line agencies
  • To harness lesson learned and recommend to implement the same types of the assignment for scaling up the enhanced approach in future

The assignment activities were successfully and timely completed. After having inception meeting ASHA- PCU, Rupantaran Nepal oriented to the consultant team proposed in the assignments Then series of sensitization and vulnerability assessment were undertaken (2 days orientation at LGs level, 1/2 day orientation at ward level, 1 day workshop at settlement level and 3 day LAPA formulation workshop) and total 6955 persons were sensitized and attended in these workshops. Through these workshop and discussion 20 enhanced LAPA of the 5 wards of West Rukum, 5 wards of East Rukum and 10 wards of Rolpa were prepared.  The entire LAPA preparation process was guided by the enhanced LAPA manual and National Framework of LAPA.  In the process, comprehensive vulnerability and capacity assessment was done. Finally, all developed LAPAs were endorsed through LG mechanism and submitted ASHA-PCU. Under this assignment, RN prepared inception reports, LAPAs and project completion report including lesson learned and recommendation and financial statement were prepared and submitted.  

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