Consolidating Local level Adaptation Planning Initiatives (LFP-LAPA and CAPA)

Rupantaran Nepal undertook the task of consolidating the LAPA initiatives which was started in Livelihood and Forestry Programme (LFP) districts in early 2009 in order to mobilize community institutions to respond to the adverse impact of climate change. The LAPA and CAP initiatives have achieved significant progresses in terms of sensitizing vulnerable households and building their adaptive capacity. The initiatives have also tested and promoted institutional mechanism for ensuring collaboration and synergy among agencies at the local level. Important lessons have emerged during piloting and so have challenges in terms of institutionalizing and mainstreaming these initiatives. The project started from January to March 2012.

The consolidation process is necessary to identify sustainable process, mechanisms and modality of facilitating community based adaptation at local and district level. Consolidation will also harmonize the LFP/IFP learning with LAPA framework recently endorsed by Ministry of Environment. It is considered that this consolidation could also provide strategic roadmap for DFID and EU supported NCCSP and other donor-supported projects in facilitating the local level adaptation planning and delivery.


  •  To document key learning and reflections of the CAP and LAPA process generated from piloting and implementation
  •  To build ownership of district based stakeholders on the CAP and LAPA initiative by initiating district level sharing and discussion workshop
  • Reflection paper consolidating learning and reflection of district on LAPA and CAP piloting
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