An update on Himalayan Community Carbon Project (HCCP)

Rupantaran Nepal has been succesfully initiating the Himalayan Community Carbon Project, A Plan Vivo certified project in eight VDCs of Nepal. Following are the latest updates from the project

1. Functional mechanisms have been established at 4 pilot sites for financial management and project implementation as per PDD.

2. Specific project activities have been developed and are being implemented by the communities.

3. Technical capacity of communities, government and non-government bodies and Rupantaran Nepal has been developed on areas such as GIS, carbon modeling and statistical analysis; commercialization of Plan Vivo certificates and data management.

4. Sensitization of district and VDC level stakeholders have been performed and FUGs in the project areas have been oriented accordingly on the topic regarding PES.

5. Local communities and other stakeholder’s knowledge and skills on carbon project development, participatory carbon assessment, and management enhanced.

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