Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP)

Rupantaran Nepal is involved in MSFP from March 2013 in the five mid-western districts of Nepal. This programme is being carried out with the financial aid of MSFP Services Support Unit (through Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal and will continue till February 2015.

The key problems that the assignment addresses are poverty and climate change vulnerability – specially of poor and disadvantaged rural people. Within the context of the Mid-West, the root causes of these problems are: social exclusion and discrimination; lack of alternative and more diverse livelihoods strategies and income earning opportunities (particularly for poorer people); limited provision of basic services such as education, health and infrastructure; weak governance and accountability at different levels and environmental degradation. Our methodology and approach for tackling these through MSFP implementation in the 5 Mid-West Districts (Lot V) will:

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