Rupantaran Nepal works in six priority areas. Under each area, we have identified our strategic aims for 2011-2016.

A.  Environment and Climate Change
To increase the adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities to climate change through coordinated efforts of communities, stakeholders and service providers as well as to increase and maintain ecosystem productivity.

B.  Livelihoods and Economic Development
To enhance livelihoods opportunities for poor people through building their capacity to manage their resources.

C.  Forest Management Services
To increase the productivity of forests and land resources and optimize the benefits for communities.

D.  Policy Engagement and Reform
To engage in effective policy development and revision processes and promote target beneficiaries’ participation and benefit.

E.  Gender and Social Inclusion 
To address gender equality, good governance and social inclusion issues and needs in the forestry and climate change sector.
To promote equitable access of women, the poor and socially excluded to forest resources and benefits.

 F.  Governance
To address good governance  issues and needs in the forestry and climate change sector.