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Who We Are

Rupantaran Nepal is a not for profit organization dedicated to transform people’s lives and living by mobilising and managing resources, promoting social justice and nurturing collaboration. It envisions a transformation in natural resources, resource users and resource institutions through knowledge, actions and relationships…..

Ongoing Projects

FLEGT4 copy
Illegal logging results in serious environmental and social damage, as well as costing governments an estimated $10 billion every year…
Rupantaran Nepal has been conducting district level training on Climate Change and Community Based Adaption Planning – Phase…

Voice Of Communities

"We had to walk a long way for a bucket of water. Now, we get water on our doorsteps after the installation of watertank. It has made our lives easier. Each household in our group is using…


वन ऐन प्रवर्तन्, शासन बिधी र ब्यापार (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade)
रुपान्तरण नेपालद्धारा चिउरी खेती तथा प्रशोधन ।