Multi Stakeholder Forestry Program-New Initiative

Rupantaran Nepal is carrying out an assignment for building household climate resilience and group governance in Rukum and Salyan districts with the financial assistance of MSFP SSU.

The goal of the projects is to promote household climate resilience and group governance among forest dependent climate vulnerable communities in Rukum and Salyan districts.

Specific objectives

1. Promote core elements of good governance (accountability, transparency, active and inclusive participation and equitable benefit sharing) in LFGs and AFECs/VFCCs with respect to climate planning and implementation of climate adaptation plans

2. Raise awareness and capacity of LFGs and AFECs/VFCCs on climate change and climate change adaptation

3. Improve livelihoods of climate vulnerable households through promotion of Livelihood Improvement Programmes (LIPs)

4. Institute two Climate Smart Model VDCs – where the communities will not only have provision of basic services but also improved understanding of climate change, climate change adaptation and Community Based Adaptation Planning (CBAP) process; access to latest CCA technologies; and access to scientific management of natural resources and improved farming technologies.

Considerable emphasis has been placed on monitoring and reporting as well as knowledge management. In this framework we aim to:

i. Improve visibility of the forestry sector contribution by
1. Tracking progress
2. Correcting processes
3. Demonstrating impacts of community forestry activities

ii. Enhance sector governance and organizational development

iii. Building on existing systems/practices – institutional sustainability

Involvement of women, marginalised and disadvantaged people

Rupantaran Nepal does not only advocate the “PPGESI” but also takes strong leadership role in capacitating staff, partners and communities on pro-poor, gender equality and social inclusion focused activities. Women, poor and climate vulnerable people/groups are given special priority in each capacity development activities. Rupantaran Nepal is also pro-actively promoting more than 60% participation of poor, women and dalits.

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