Climate Adaptation Design and Piloting Project (CADP-N)

Climate Adaptation Design and Piloting is an HTSPE/ Department for International Development (DFID) funded 11 months project started from June 2010 to April 2011.

Rupantaran Nepal undertook the design of the Local Adaptation Plans for Action (LAPA) for the forestry sector in Sukrauli VDC of Nawalparasi district, Dhungegadi VDC of Pyuthan district and Ransi VDC of Rukum district. The assignment was carried out with the purpose of preparing LAPA in three distinct ecological zones and assessing any constraints, the reach up and draw-down mechanisms and documenting the key lessons learnt from it.


  • To review and update tools for climate change vulnerability assessment
  • To assess the role of forestry institutions in integrating climate change adaptation into development planning
  • To assess the appropriate finance and service delivery mechanisms to reach the most vulnerable
  • To identify specific interventions to build the adaptive capacity of the most vulnerable communities in the Midwest region

Community Adaptation Plans of Action (CAPA) to LAPA and a direct LAPA were the two modalities adopted during the LAPA process. CAPA was prepared at CFUG level and later synthesized to VDC level LAPA in Pyuthan whereas the LAPA at VDC level was directly prepared for Nawalparasi and Rukum.

A total of nine CAPAs and three VDC level LAPAs were prepared. Specific tools and techniques (Participatory Well Being Ranking (PWBR) and Forest User Groups Categorization Tool) were reviewed and assessed in the context of climate change. The roles of local institutions including the CFUG, PILMG, VFCC and MoFSC line agencies (DFO and DSCO) as well as broader planning institutions  (VDC, DDC AND MoA line agencies (DAO and DLSO) were reviewed. The most appropriate finance and service delivery mechanisms that reaches the most vulnerable was identified along with the identification of the interventions that would enhance the adaptation capacity.  In addition Rupantaran managed and facilitated two regional consultation workshops on LAPA framework to finalise the framework at Nepalgunj and Pokhara.

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