Baseline and KAP Survey for Child Centered Climate Change Adaptation Project

Rupantaran Nepal performed a baseline and KAP survey for child centered climate change adaptation project under the financial assistance of Plan Nepal from March 2013 to September 2014. The project sites were located in Sunsari and Morang districts of the eastern- inner Tarai region of Nepal.

The main objectives of the baseline and knowledge attitude practice (KAP) survey were to:

1. Assess and compile socio-economic condition in project area

2. Assess impact of disaster and climate change on children

3. Assess knowledge of local people, youth and children on climate change and identify the practices and attitudes towards climate change adaptation

4. Prepare climate change impact/disaster risk map of the project area

The progress of the project activities were timely reported to the client through the organization of joint meetings. The feedback received during such meetings was considered to enrich the project activities. A draft report was submitted to the finding agency upon the successful completion of project activities and analysis. Finally, a final report incorporating feedback from the funding agency was submitted at the end of the project.

Involvement of women, marginalized and disadvantaged people

It was ensured by identifying the most vulnerable wards in the project VDCs and concentrating the project activities in those wards and ensuring the proportional involvement of people of different castes and sexes in the project activities.