Local Initiatives Global Environmental Benefits: Enhancing Sustainable Livelihoods and NRM under the Plan Vivo Standard

Rupantaran Nepal with support from Livelihoods & Forestry Programme initiated Payment for Ecosystem Services in 8 VDCs of four districts (Dhankuta, Rupandehi, Baglung and Dang) in Nepal. The PES districts were selected in close coordination with REDD Cell, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation (MoFSC) and the project VDCs/VFCCs/FUGs were selected in close consultation with DDC. In general, the project was designed to enhance livelihoods and reduce the vulnerability of poor rural people through equitable and sustainable management of forests and other tree resources. It was a 6 months project started from January 2011.

Specifically, the project had two broad objectives: 1. contribute assisting rural communities to access additional financial resources from PES (in the form of Plan Vivo credits). 2. To enhance learning and capacity building of local communities, government and non –government stakeholders on carbon financing project development and implementation under the PES system of Plan Vivo Standard.

The project takes a landscape approach and implements its project through local level multi-stakeholder bodies like District Forest Coordination Committee (DFCC)/ Village Forest Coordination Committee (VFCC), VDC etc. Linkages and coordination with government institutions and non-government bodies (FUG Networks, DFOs, DDC/DFCC and REDD Cell) is important in project implementation. In addition, it adopts social inclusion, good governance, gender mainstreaming, community forestry processes and technical forestry principles as major approaches while developing and implementing the project.